Saturday, June 30, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - June 30

Hello HS Parents!

It's great to be back with you - we had an AMAZING time with our HS trip to Peru. For those of you with juniors and seniors this coming school year, I would encourage you to prayerfully consider your student's participation in this trip. It is an incredible experience to see God at work in other parts of the world.

This past week we wrapped up our Wednesday nights for the year. I led students in a 30 minute prayer time where we focused on several things including praying for lost friends, confessing our sin, and praying for our enemies. I challenged your students to spend similar time with Christ throughout the summer and allow Him to be someone they talk to daily.

This coming Sunday we will finish a four week series called "Pardon Me." This week we will close by looking closely at unlimited forgiveness. Students will discuss questions like:

1. What does Jesus say about forgiveness?
2. Is there a limit to the number of times you can ask God to forgive you?
3. What is the principle for dealing with someone who has wronged you?

Don't forget to register your student for our summer mission trip to New Orleans. We will be leaving on July 14th, and our transportation is EXTREMELY limited for this trip.

Let me know what I can pray about for your family.


Friday, June 15, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - June 15

Hello HS Parents! I hope you are adjusting to the weirdness of summer schedules and well managing having students at home (or somewhere other than school) during the day. It seems that right about the time I get a handle on summer - it's over and we jump back into the regular swing of things. That might actually hit me harder this year as my boy starts kindergarten at Gladeville Elementary this fall! This past Wednesday night I mixed it up a little with students on Wed. night. Several of our worship leaders were out for vacation, so we pulled out a couple of guitars and sang a few worship songs sitting in a fairly intimate circle with our high schoolers. I led them in a Bible study from 1 Corinthians and discussed the freedom we have thanks to the resurrection of Christ. This coming Sunday students will discuss what it means to serve others. They will talk about worshiping God openly and demonstrating His love for others. They will talk about worshiping God outside the walls of the Church and when/where that can (and should) happen. I will be in Peru this week with Rachel Moore, Seth Wofford, Seth Guiler, Casey Webb, Lauren Browning, Keanna Illgen, Alecia Martin, Camon Soileau, Lauren Sharpe, and Tracy Bullard. Would you pray for our safety and that the Light of Christ would shine brightly through us this week. Pray that the Holy Spirit would do something special in the lives of these students and the parents/children who will be ministered to by them. Don't forget that our summer mission trip deadline has been extended. Transportation for this trip is REALLY limited - if you haven't signed up yet please do so Sunday. -Michael

Friday, June 1, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - June 1

Hello HS Parents!

I want you to know that I'm praying for you as you begin the summer. I know this season can be as busy and challenging as when your kids are in school. I'm praying for chaos to be at a minimum for you and that your kids will make wise decisions with their time this summer!

This coming Sunday we will wrap up our SHAPE series in our High School Connect Groups. Although the focus "officially" ended this past Sunday, your students are going to have the opportunity to complete a SHAPE profile to help them put into practice the things we have talked about the past 6 weeks. It should be very informative for them and provide some clarity for decisions they'll need to be making at this particular time in their lives.

This past Wednesday night we started a new focus on looking at "The Invisibles." We looked at the passage where Jesus heals the crippled man at the Pool of Bethesda. Although the man had been there for 38 years and was likely "invisible" to most who were at the pool - Jesus "saw" him and changed his life. I asked students to think about times that they feel "invisible" (at school, at home, in other social settings). I asked them to think about times they wished they were invisible. We closed by discussing Christ's willingness to die for us even though our actions, thoughts, and decisions are CLEARLY visible to Him - even before they happen. Knowing what He knows about our past, present, and future - He was still willing to die for us.

Here are some things coming up on the calendar:

Summer Nights Cookout - Sunday, June 10, 6:30-8:30
HS Mission Trip to Peru - June 16 - 23
Summer Nights Movie Night - Sunday, July 8
HS Mission Trip to New Orleans - July July 14 - 21

Please let me know if there's anything I can pray about for you or your family.