Friday, July 19, 2013

The Body Of Christ

The Body Of Christ

God in His infinite wisdom has given all of us unique gifts. Sometimes that's frustrating because we can't understand why God didn't gift others with the same things He gave to us…we don't "get" how those "other" people aren't wired the way we are. We struggle to make sense of why they aren't like "us."

That is until you get to witness what I saw this week: ALL of God's unique gifts for individuals coming together to form the Body of Christ for the sake of bringing Him glory and making Him famous.

What I watched unfold at our New Orleans mission trip this week is nothing short of amazing. Each individual brought a significant contribution to make KidzDays in the Parish work like a well-oiled machine. If we had all come down here with the same talent - we would have experienced HUGE gaps in what God wanted us to accomplish. What we experienced, though, was a diverse set of gifting, talents and calling that contributed to the transforming power of Jesus Christ being conveyed through sport, dance, song, proclamation, and example.

The more organized among our group found a home in registration and bringing order to what could have easily been chaos. Those who are dreamers found a place to share ideas and make a contribution to the larger scope of our mission. Those who are preachers and teachers were able to share and communicate God's Truth. Those who are encouragers had countless opportunities to uplift and encourage those who were participating in our camp this week. And the list goes on.

It's humbling to see God at work in such a powerful way. We are the Body of Christ. We need all of our parts to work!


Remember these important dates:

Illuminate - Both services on August 4
Back To School Bash - Wednesday, August 7