Saturday, July 2, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - July 2

Hello High School Parents

This past Wednesday night we wrapped up our 2010-2011 year with a heated game of Minute To Win It against the middle schoolers. J.D. Young took home the grand prize - $50 gift card to Providence Cinemas. Wednesday night programming will resume on August 3rd at the Back To School Bash.

This coming Sunday in our Bible study time with high schoolers we will continue (actually complete) the last study on patience. I thought we would finish it this past Sunday, but there is content from the midweek portion that I want to cover that we have not gotten to yet. It relates, specifically, to the question, "Where should my patience show? We'll be looking at James 1:19, Galatians 6:9, and Hebrews 12:1-3.

This Sunday also marks the last day for high school graduates to be in our Sunday morning Bible study. On Sunday, July 10th, they will begin their new classes. I've communicated their options this week in a personal letter, but if you need help getting your graduate transitioned to a new class - please email me or give me a call.

My challenge this week is for you to practice and model patience with your teenager, his or her siblings, and your spouse/their other parent. If things are rough in your home, think of ways to model Christ's patience with you in the things that you're facing. If your teen's other parent doesn't live with you and that situation is stressful - think of how to show Christ's love to him or her as a means of modeling Christlike behavior to your student. This is one of the toughest areas to live as a parent, spouse, a human being!!!! Thank goodness we're in it together and have the PERFECT model to show us the way!

If I can pray about anything for you or your family, please contact me via email or phone.


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