Saturday, September 17, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - September 17

Hello HS Parents!

This past Wednesday night I had a very direct conversation with your students during the teaching time. I reminded them that when we meet Jesus, He changes our lives and ultimately causes us to change how we live, talk, play, etc. It was a pretty heavy discussion where I called them to take a serious look at their lives and assess whether or not their lives reflected the grace and forgiveness they had received in Christ. Again, a pretty heavy time of reflection. We used for our context Judges chapter 6.

This coming Sunday morning we will continue our look at "Savior and King" in small group discussion. Here are a few questions your student might encounter:

1. How do we hear from Jesus? How do we know His voice?

2. When you want to secure something, what do you do or what do you use? WHy do we want things to be secure?

3. What does it mean for Jesus to know His sheep ? How can He know each one?

Don't forget that our Fall Mission Trip to New Orleans is just around the corner. Space for this trip is limited, so your student signing up as soon as possible is critical. Cost is $150 and covers travel, lodging, and food.

Challenge: This week, look for opportunities to model your faith to your student. If your actions are more like bad "re-actions" to what life seems to be throwing at you - you might give pause to ask what those reactions are modeling for your student. Step into the peace that Christ has brought to your life and allow that to guide your actions - AND your reactions!

Praying for you and your students....let me know if you want me to pray somethings specifically for you or your family.


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