Friday, January 25, 2013

FAMILY PLUS High School - Jan. 25

Hello HS Parents!

We are in our second week of looking at Genesis on Sunday mornings (keeping with the church wide Bible reading plan), and the Origin of Man on Wednesday nights. The material is proving to be challenging for some and frustrating for others. 

This past Wednesday proved to be the most challenging yet. We discussed cause and effect and the fact that our universe is pointing back to a cause of our Almighty Creator. We focused on three little words in Genesis that cover a LOT of supernatural happenings: "And God said." These three little words throughout creation have such power. Think about this - when God spoke in Genesis, some things had not yet been created. Things like air, breath, vocal chords - yet God "spoke" these things and "said" words that had power ONLY because HE is the One Who said them.

This coming Sunday we are going to be talking about Scripture and the fact that it is inspired by God, reveals His expectations, and glorifies Christ. Some of the questions we'll be asking are:

1 - In what ways might Christians be tempted to supplement the Bible's authority with something else?

2 - Do you agree with the statement that, "In all God does, His first aim is to glorify Himself."

3 - What part of your life is working counter to God's intentions?


We have 12 students who are joining us for our Prayer and Fasting Retreat tonight and tomorrow. If you would like to join us in the fast (at your home or wherever you may be), we will be fasting for the entire day on Saturday. 


WINTER JAM - February 9th. Register by February 3rd. Cost: $10

GIRLS OF GRACE - February 23rd. Cost is $50. Cost after February 3rd is $65

MAN UP EVENT AT FLOYD CENTER - February 24th. Cost is $10

SPRING MISSION TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS - March 9 - 16, Cost is $175 and covers transportation, lodging, and food.

Let me know if there's anything I can pray about for your family.



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