Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's All About Jesus

Hello HS Parents

Tomorrow will mark the halfway point for the new content we've been discussing in our Sunday Bible study groups. We will be 7 weeks into "The Gospel Project" and have 6 more to go. We started in Genesis and have been moving our way through the Old Testament. 

The subtle teaching here (behind the obvious Old Testament content/foundations) is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is found throughout the entire canon of Scripture. Much of our teaching is typically focused on New Testament passages that reveal the life of Jesus or the teachings that follow His resurrection. What we find in the Old Testament, though, is that there is a constant thread pointing to the Messiah - it is all, truly, about the Christ.

Tomorrow we will be looking at this more directly and talking about Jesus as a faithful Son. We will be jumping ahead, a bit, and looking at prophesies that He fulfilled and the way He fulfilled His calling/purpose. This teaching lines up perfectly with what we're covering for the next few Wednesday nights as well: "Purpose…Why Am I Here?"

Please let me know if there's anything I can pray about for you or your family.

- Michael

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