Friday, June 7, 2013

Stop And Smell The Roses - It's Not Girlie!

A lot of times I get into a rhythm at work or other places that gets me out of a rhythm at home. Of all the resources our New Generations Team prays over, produces, and suggests for families - taking our own advice is difficult at times. We sit right where you do, as parents, trying to lead godly lives and be godly parents.

This week I did something that I should do much more often; I took time to stop and smell the roses. Well, in this case - it was actually taking time to stop and look at the water, rocks, and trees of Burgess Falls. I took time off from work to go with my family to a state park (free!) and just enjoy them. We prayed for safety. We thanked God for His creation. And we were "just" together. We were His family, in His creation, on His time. It was amazing!! One bonus to the state park - really, REALLY bad cell service!! Yay!!

We did all of this because I took time to be a dad. Kelley took time to be a mom. And Carver had both of his parents undivided attention. We took time to be a family. That wouldn't have happened if any of us had decided to do something else or be somewhere else.

Take some time this week to focus on your family in a godly way. Men - it's easy for us to get me - I'm the poster child of distraction! But give it a shot and unplug to just be together with your family. Honor them. Treasure them. Pray for them. Love them. Stop and smell the roses - it's not girlie!

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