Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Europe Update - Scouting Trip So Far

We spent our first couple of days with Ute in Bicester which is about an hour or so drive from Heathrow. Over that couple of days our high schoolers spent time talking with teenagers in the area, attending a youth worship service, and playing some of our NOLA games in an elementary school. It was INCREDIBLY informative...particularly the time we spent at the school. The teachers and volunteers at the school were able to see our students doing some of what they do best, and it also allowed our students to see how the children in England would respond to our games - it was a BIG win for both.

On our last afternoon in Bicester, we took a bus to Oxford. Our students were able to visit/see the Oxford Museum of Natural History, the Bodleian Library, Christ Church Park, The Eagle and Child, The Lamb and Flag, several different colleges at Oxford University, Hertford Bridge, Radcliffe Camera, Martyrs' Memorial, University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, and Carfax Tower. 

This morning we made the trip from Bicester to Islington (a borough of London) to meet up with our host church pastor as well as Alex. We were able to turn our 1.5 hour journey into about 3 or 4 hours due to some issues with the routing of our GPS. We finally made it, though, and were able to meet our host, have lunch, and head out to begin our work for the evening with Teen Challenge.

Tonight, after serving in Hackney with the Teen Challenge group of London, we were able to come back to our host church and debrief what we have experienced so far. We worshiped together and thanked God for what He is doing in this area and for His provision for us. In the morning after breakfast, each student member or our team will complete an assignment assessing how they could see the gifting and resources of The Glade Church being paired with the Bicester community. Afterward, we will begin working with our host church in Islington in the immediate area surrounding the church.

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