Thursday, April 14, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - April 14

Last night we began the final week of our study in Mark's gospel called "The Beautiful Trade." As you know by now the core of this study is the life that Jesus has asked us to trade in....our old lives for an abundant life with him. The past few weeks have shown us that letting go of our treasures can prove difficult - even for the sake of gaining His treasure.

We reinforced that point last night by talking about things that seem more tangible than the Christ. For example - most students wouldn't mind hanging on to $20 for a week, a month, or even a year if they knew they could utlimately trade the $20 for $200. They could probably even hold on to $200 for the same amount of time if they knew that a trade-up to $2,000 would be the payoff. But trading what we value in this life for the life that Jesus has for us is sometimes more difficult to see.

I did my best to draw a clear line about being a disciple of "action" and not just a disciple of "belief" without sounding too legalistic. I think the message was clear and Christ-focused. We will reinforce that teaching time this week in our small group meeting on Sunday morning. For your reference, the text is: Mark 8:27-29.

Some of the questions we'll use this week include:

1 - We often hear that Jesus was just a prophet or a good man. What do you think sets Jesus apart form other religious prophets or other good men or women who have been seen as important religious figures?

2 - Are there any traditions that you or your family have that Jesus might disrupt? How about traditions in your church? Where are the places where Jesus might upset the order in your life?

3 - If what you do is a reflection of who you say Jesus is, then what needs to change in your life to have your actions match your beliefs?

This series has provided several opportunities for you to be transparent with your teenager. I would recommend using these questions when you sense the opportunity is right to allow your student to hear the areas you're prone to struggle with regarding what you have been willing or unwilling to trade for God's Kingdom.

As always, please let me know if there is something I can pray about for your family.

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