Thursday, April 28, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - April 28

Hello HS Parents

I hope your students did not miss our joint communion service with the middle schoolers in the District last Wednesday night. It was one of THE most moving experiences I have had in ministering to students. We had students reading Scriptures about the crucifixion and resurrection followed by ALL students coming to the stage to sit at the Lord's table and receive communion. Words just can't describe how moving it was for our leaders and our students....such a GREAT lead-up to Resurrection Weekend.

Last night we transitioned from Resurrection Sunday by launching a new series called "Upside Down." The main theme of last night (and the rest of the series) is that there are TWO kingdoms trying to coexist in our lives - but there is only room for ONE. We spent several minutes (on a storm-tossed night) discussing the approach we take to our faith and how to process what Jesus meant when he prayed, "THY Kingdom come, THY will be done."

Your students were challenged to take a close look at their faith to see if it (their faith) is just something else that they "do." If their faith is like going to class, going to work, or going to a party, rather than something that has an influence on all of those areas in their lives, then the wrong kingdom may have been established in their lives.

We will reiterate this teaching on Sunday with small group discussion. Here are a few questions we'll be asking based on Mark 1:15, Mark 4:11, Luke 9:2, Matthew 6:33, and Matthew 6:9-10:

1 - Why was Jesus message about His Kingdom so "upside down" to the people listening to Him teach?

2 - How does God's Kingdom differ from your own expectations of His Kingdom?

3 - Have you ever thought about which areas of your life are in the Kingdom of God and which areas are in the kingdom of "me?"

4 - How do you keep your kingdom(s) and God's Kingdom separated?

I think a good way for you talk about this with your teenager is by being transparent about the kingdoms you have setup in your own life. You might even give your student permission to tell you areas in your life where he or she has witnessed one of your kingdoms overpowering God's Kingdom in your life. Be prepared for the truth and don't react badly if you hear something you don't like.....ESPECIALLY if it is TRUE!!

As always, please let me know if there is something I can pray about for you or your family.


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