Friday, November 11, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - November 11

Hello HS Parents!

Many of you may already be aware of what happened this past Wednesday night in our meeting...but just in case - here's a recap. You know from last week's FAMILY PLUS email that we've recently completed our series called "Forward Motion." This series focused us on taking small steps in our faith rather than taking exhausting giant leaps.

Well, I really wanted to drive the point home and offer students a way to respond beyond any type of verbal commitment that may have made. So this past Wednesday night I asked them to respond to God without using their mouths, lifting their hands, playing an instrument, or dancing. I provided clay, pastels, paper, pencils, magazines. paints, canvas, and time. Wow - how they responded!

Follow the link below to take a look at their work. You'll also be able to see it this Sunday morning displayed in the foyer. Take the same challenge and think of how you might wish to respond to God differently than you normally do. Take a chance at letting loose the right side of your brain and see what He's got waiting inside there for you.

Follow this link to the art on Facebook.
Let me know what I can pray about for you!


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