Friday, November 4, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - November 4

Hi HS Parents!

Well, we've wrapped up our series on "Forward Motion" - our focus for the past few weeks where we talked about making small steps in our faith instead of trying to take HUGE leaps. This week we talked about celebrating the small steps we have made toward growing in our faith as opposed to being "stuck" on the steps we have yet to take.

If your student is attempting to make a small step in his/her faith - remember that the best role you can play is that of an "hyper encourager!" Sure, the steps your child is taking may not be the ones you would wish he or she would take. And they may not even seem like significant steps to you. But God may be inching your student, little by little, toward His will and purpose for your child's life! Make CERTAIN he or she KNOWS you see the effort!

Remember that your student is likely already dealing internally with the guilt of a weaker walk with Christ than his or her friends might have. There may even be feelings of guilt associated with behavior that your student is not revealing to you. Encouraging your students in the little steps they are making in their faith - no matter how small they may seem - could be the catalyst that will make them take that next step time and time again.

*****Uber Challenge for the Day*****

Make certain that after reading this email that you find at least ONE way to encourage your students in their faith journeys - TODAY! Don't allow them to go to sleep tonight without your taking just a second to convey how proud you are of them for something they have done in their continuing walk with Christ.

Let me know how I can pray for you!


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