Friday, October 28, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - October 28

Hello HS Parents

What a GREAT series we have having on Wednesday nights! This overall series (called Forward Motion) has really been a surprise for me. I can't tell you how many students I have talked to about their desire to take baby steps in their faith. If you remember, I spoke last week about how our attempts to make BIG LEAPS in our faith can leave us frustrated, disappointed, and exhausted. Long lasting faith decisions in our lives happen little by little.

Needless to say, I felt the pressure of getting the message clear this past Wednesday night. I wanted to make sure that any student who had chosen to take a baby step closer to Christ would feel equipped to do so. We talked about some clear, tangible ways that they could take baby steps in their faith journey. And I was pretty transparent about some of the steps I needed to make in my own life. I shared with them that God has made a significant investment in them as believers.

To encourage them about the investment God has made in their lives, I shared with them an illustration about Netflix. If you haven't heard, Netflix has recently lost about 800,000 customers and watched their stock tumble incredibly over the past few months. In fact, they are worth about 11 billion dollars less today than they were in July due to poor execution of a new business model. As you would imagine - shareholders of NFLX have been bailing out left and right. Their stock was worth about $300/share in July - today it's worth $83.

The point I made with your students, though, is that God is not an uncommitted shareholder. In fact, His investment in us remains solid through the best of spiritual economic times and the WORST of spiritual economic times. No matter how we perform in His market, He remains committed to the idea that we will make a turnaround!

I challenge you to take a few minutes to speak with your student this week about what he/she could do to take a baby step forward in his/her faith. And I doubly challenge you to tell your student something YOU can do to take a baby step forward in your faith. Maybe you could even submit yourself to your student to be held accountable for what you need to do - just sayin.'

As always, shoot me a mail or text if I can pray about something for you or your family!


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