Thursday, October 6, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - October 6

Hello HS Parents!

My email to you this week comes from Metairie, LA - a city just east of New Orleans. Metairie is the home of Metairie Baptist Church - the place we stay when we are on mission in NOLA.

I have had an INCREDIBLE week with your students. God has given us opportunity to see significant advance in the work He has called us to here. The relationships that we have with the community and its leaders are just so humbling as they have strengthened considerably over the past several months. God is using our high school students in a very powerful way, and they are stepping up to newer and higher levels of service for Him to this community.

This coming Sunday we will be back in the District for our regular Sunday morning group meeting. We will be covering week two of a study started this past week called Goodness Gracious. We will be looking at Psalm 25 and talking about "What does it mean for God to be "good?" Some question s we'll be asking are:

1 - When you say that someone is a "good person," what do you mean?

2 - How would you describe faithful love?

3 - Do you ever feel "directionally challenged" when it comes to spiritual things? Do you think we get "off course" a little to easy in our Christian journey? Why?

Thank you again for sharing your students with me this week; they have made you look GOOD!!! If you have any questions or something you'd like me to pray about for you - shoot me an email or give me a call.


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