Friday, October 21, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - October 21

Hey everyone!

Two nights ago we had an INCREDIBLE meeting in the District with both middle schoolers and high schoolers. Robert was in New Orleans taking a class at seminary, so the MS gang came down to hang out with us.

I began a three week series entitled "Forward Motion." I talked to your students about the feelings we have when we go to a camp, a mission trip, or a retreat. A lot of times we get all hyped up on emotion and make some pretty sizable commitments to God....commitments that many times are impossible to keep.

I shared with your students that a walk with Christ is not made with giant leaps - it's made in small steps. I told them that Christ is anxiously awaiting them to take just one step closer to Him today as an act of faith, discipline, and commitment to living a life for Him. Giant leaps leave us dealing with failure, fatigue, and exhaustion. Small steps in our faith are attainable, God-honoring, and offer more longevity in our Christian walk.

My challenge this week - let your students see you take a small step closer to Christ in your faith walk. The smallest, most insignificantly seeming step you take in your faith could be just the catalyst they need to get them thinking that they can take small steps in their faith as well.

If I can pray about something for you or your family, shoot me an email.


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