Saturday, August 25, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - August 25

Hello HS Parents

This past Wednesday night our high school students completed our first "Serve" night that we are calling, "Give It Back." If you'll remember, our new plan on Wednesdays is to focus each week on one of our purposes: Come/Worship (Give It Up), Connect/Grow (Give It Here), Serve/Go (Give It Back), and next week Be Transformed (Give It Away). 

On this past Wednesday night, students sat in groups and used the Disney Brainstorming Method to dream about ways we can serve on Wednesday nights given our time constraints and limited transportation abilities. I was so "wowed" by the things your students came up with. They dreamed about reaching out to the local schools in our community, reaching out to elderly residents near our church, and focusing on areas in our church and property that could use some attention. Their time on this well positions us to be ready for our next serve night coming up in September.

This coming Sunday will wrap up our 4 week study on doubt. Last week we discussed what it meant to react and respond to tragedy by dealing with it in the context of our faith. We looked at natural disasters and man-made disasters through the lens of God's grace and mercy on our lives. That helped us see that it doesn't really matter what we're dealt from the world - rather, it's our handling of those things that can bring glory to God's Kingdom.

Don't forget that this coming Sunday night is our Summer Church Conference. We will be discussing a LOT of business from this past year as well as presenting work our Vision 2020 teams have been praying and working through for the past several months. There will be an Ice Cream/Dessert fellowship at 5:15 and the conference will begin at 6:00 PM.

Please let me know if I can pray about anything for you or your family.


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