Monday, November 30, 2009

Update 12:30 PM

Just spoke with Kelley's surgeon - everything went just as expected
based on what the tests had shown. He feels confident that the cancer
was isolated to one area having not spread to other tissue and
allowing Kelley to keep both ovaries.

I told him that he had been bathed in prayer today and his response
was, "Well, I could sure feel it and I believe it makes a
difference.". Our family and friends were privileged to have prayer to
thank God for His faithfulness and for answering our prayers for
Kelley's health.

She will be in recovery for a couple of hours and will be here for a
few days. Thank you again for your prayers. Will update again when
we get to see her.


  1. Michael, God is SO good, isn't he?! PRAISE Him!

  2. Please, please know that I am DELIGHTED for this fabulous sharing! As one of Kelley's blog friends from California ~ I am so delighted to have this access to Kelley's progress! You guys are dominating my thoughts and prayers today, especially! Much love to you, Michael, as Kelley's rock! God bless you, sweethearts!

  3. Thomas, Daniel, and I all held hands and prayed for "Carver's Mommy" this morning just before 8AM. I am so glad to hear our prayers, along with the prayers of many others, have been heard by God.

    Love you all!

  4. That's wonderful news!! Thank you for sharing. Will continue to pray for her recovery and for your family.

  5. Michael, thank you for the updates. You have all been heavily on my mind and in my prayers today. I echo Elise, as one of Kelley's blog friends from North Carolina, having access to current information like this is just wonderful. Our prayers continue.

  6. Praise ye the Lord, Hallelujah!!!!

  7. PRAISE GOD! That is great news! God Bless ya'll! :)

  8. Praise the Lord God Almighty!!!!!!!