Friday, December 2, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - December 2

Hello HS Parents!

This past Wednesday night your students and I had a discussion about the Christmas season and what it meant during the time of Christ. You know - we are very familiar with revolutions in history….the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and even for you who grew up in the sixties - maybe even the Sexual Revolution (which in my mind birthed much of the "grown-up" sexual permeation in our culture Bruce mentioned this past Sunday in his message).

I think, though, we should recognize that when Christ was born to Mary, He was (and still is) revolutionary! To be brief (you know how tough that is for me), speaking out against the government in the time of Christ (specifically, Caesar) could cost you your life. People who began to accept Christ's message as He grew, matured, and began to teach were declaring that their "savior" was not Caesar. Rather, their Savior was Jesus Christ. This could, and many times did, cost them their lives.

Those first century Christians began thinking about their "new" lives in Christ by eradicating the "old" in their lives. I asked your students to think about what in their lives is desperate for a revolution. I asked them to escape the "routine" that has no doubt attached itself to their Christmas experience and/or traditions - for the sake of allowing Christ to reignite the revolution He began in their lives when they first said "yes" to Him.

Christmas strikes me as the PERFECT time to do just that!

Let me know what I can pray about for you and/or your family.


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