Friday, December 30, 2011

FAMILY PLUS High School - December 30

Hello HS Parents!

Say hello to our last Family Plus email for 2011! I hope you've found at least one or two of these emails/blog posts useful this past year. We are working hard right now to make sure our 2012 focus is even better!

Remember that this Sunday on New Years Day we are back to our regular programming. We will be tackling the issue of media (both good and bad) and its influence on all of us.

Don't forget that we start back our midweek meetings next Wednesday night at our Family Plus Event. We will sit Dow for a meal together, share our vision for New Generations in 2012, and play a few games along the way.

This year we also have four studios for you to check out after dinner. We feel these will be very helpful if any of your New Years resolutions have to do with parenting/family. Here's a breakdown of what's on tap for that night:

   1. "Painting a Picture of Balance in My Life and Family" - Artist: Craig Webb

          (balancing family, work, play, church.....LIFE!)

     2. "Music to Calm the Savage Home" - Artist: Ralph Cook

          (biblical resolve to conflict at home...and everywhere else!)

     3. "Sculpting a Faith That Begins at Home" - Artist: Jared Norris

          (making faith the center of your home)

     4. "Designing for Safety in a Digital Universe" - Artist: Michael Eubanks

         (protecting children and teenagers living in a digital world)

Don't forget to register at church or online for Family Plus Event 2012. Let me know what I can pray about for you or your family.


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