Friday, January 13, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - January 13


Welcome to a "dual purpose" FAMILY PLUS message! Since Robert is on his way back from New Orleans (seminary classes), I offered to update Middle and High School parents. (Mainly so I can give him a hard time about not using Siri on his iPhone to do it!).

This past Wednesday night our students went to see the Courageous movie with the rest of our church. If you have not yet seen it, I assure you - it will NOT let you down. It is a great movie with lots of action and lots of thought-provoking scenes directed right at the heart of the family. You can get a copy on DVD or Blu-ray starting January 17th - follow this link to pre-order a copy.

Next Wednesday night we're having a concert in the District at 6:30 with the band "The Cast and Crew." The Cast and Crew is a three-piece band rooted in Battle Creek, Michigan. The band has been touring for nearly four years, logging hundreds of shows on several successful tours, all without the help of a label, management or a booking agency. The hard-working-trio have released their third EP, “Live on Purpose”, which broadcasts a message of hope to revolutionize a new generation. Check them out at or on Facebook here.

This coming Sunday Middle & High Schoolers will be continuing our 4 week focus on media by looking at social media. We'll be checking out these verses in God's Word: Matthew 6:21, Proverbs 17:27, and 1 Peter 2:11-12

We will be asking students to consider questions about social media including the following:

Compared to how much time you spend each day using social media, how much time do you spend each day reading the Bible or praying?

Why is it important to think about what you post or text BEFORE you post or text it?

How can social media be consuming?

What does it mean to "conduct yourselves honorably?

Let us know if you have any questions about this or if we can pray about something for you or your family.

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