Saturday, January 28, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - January 28

Hello HS Parents!

This past Wednesday night was GREAT for me - it was the first time since last year that we have gotten back to our regular programming....we have had a BUSY few weeks! We kicked off a new series called "Lost in Translation" that points students toward words that have lost their meaning over time. We discussed how our beliefs "about" Jesus are not nearly as important as our belief "in" Jesus. In other words - we are better off knowing Jesus than we are knowing about Jesus. During His time on earth, Jesus made it clear that knowing Him is fact, it's essential.

This coming Sunday we will be launching a new Sunday morning series as well on Purity. We will be talking to students about expectations people have regarding purity and whether or not they are attainable. We will discuss what our students feel about their reputations and whether or not they are "examples' of purity to their peers, siblings - even adults. We will wrap up by guiding students toward the fact that pure lives can't be lived out simply by determination or will power - it requires the Holy Spirit.

Virtual Brown Bag Lunch
Join the New Generations Team for lunch from your computer on Thursday, February 2 from 11:30am-12:30pm!
This will be an interactive Internet experience where we will address how to "Protect your Family Online". You'll be amazed at what your kids can access! For instance, by the age of 18, 94% of boys and 63% of girls will have seen pornographic material on the Internet. You will have a chance to eat your lunch, ask questions, and gain practical insight to immediately upgrade internet safety in your home.
Go to and click "Watch Live" on the homescreen in order to view the Virtual Brown Bag on Thursday, February 2 at 11:30am.

Let me know if I can pray about something for you or your family.

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