Saturday, January 21, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - January 21

Hello HS Parents!

This past Wednesday night we had a ROCKIN' concert to kick off our 2012 HS and MS spring semester. The Cast and Crew band came down from Michigan to meet with a prospective record label and stopped by our little corner in the Glade for a bout 45 minutes of Christian music. Really LOUD Christian music!! After the show, band members Caleb, Caleb, and Andy took time to hang out with our students. They never seemed rushed to get out the door - in fact, they stayed long after the last student had gone home for the night. Check your student's FB page or that of some of his/her friends to see what they thought of it.

This coming Sunday we will be wrapping up a four week focus on media. Last week, we covered social media - probably the most interesting of all of the media sessions to date. It certainly seemed to be relevant to your students. Did you know that if you take a 20 minute snapshot of Facebook you would find over 10,000,000 comments in just that short time? Now, I'm terrible at math - but that seems to shake out to over 8,000 posts/comments per second. (I'm happy to be corrected by a math teacher or someone better than me at doing 4th grade arithmetic!). Just think of the potential impact that FB has in your student's life - if you don't know what they're doing out there or how to check - ask us how you can monitor what's going on with your students online. You can get a primer by following this link.

Don't forget that this coming Sunday night, January 22, is our Winter Church Conference. We only do these twice each year, but it is a GREAT time to celebrate what God is doing in and through our church. Come to the Fellowship Hall at 5:15 PM for a light dinner and dessert, then hang out for our conference at 6:00 PM to gain insight on key ministry areas of our church, recommendations on moving our ministries forward, insight on the longer look at getting from "here" to "tomorrow," and, again, celebrating what God is doing and where we are going.

As always, let me know what I can be praying about for you or your family. See you tomorrow at the Glade!


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