Saturday, February 11, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - February 11

Hello HS Parents!

Great ending this past Wednesday night to our "Lost in Translation" series. We wrapped up by talking about the word: salvation. Typically, students think about salvation as a means of being saved "from" something. What we discussed Wednesday night is the fact that our salvation in Christ saves us "to" something. Although we are certainly interested in being saved FROM hell, we are more interested in being saved TO heaven, Christ, and His plan for us.

This coming Sunday we will continue our study on purity. This series has been interesting as it has allowed us to explore the "heart" issue of a life of purity rather than just focusing on behavior. This is largely because our Wednesday nights have been so narrowly focused on matters of the heart and how they drive our behavior.

It has been interesting for me to see and hear the relativism that our students believe as a matter of principle. In other words - many of them are totally okay with the notion that what might be true for "me" doesn't necessarily have to be true for "you." It's been pretty telling to listen to them describe the basis for this mindset, especially since it crept in through a discussion on purity. I hope you'll explore the notion of Truth with your students and the fact that there is, without a doubt, a Truth about every situation they encounter. Two things in contradiction to each other about a particular belief can't both be true. Our students have a very difficult time with that. We're planning to tackle that and other things again this Sunday.

Please let me know if there's something I can pray about for you or your family!


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