Friday, February 3, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - February 3

Hello HS Parents!

We had a GREAT time yesterday at our Virtual Brown Bag! Thank you to all of you who "stopped by" to grab a bite to eat and learn about how to protect your home in an ever-increasing digital universe! If you were unable to attend, you'll be able to view it from our video archive at the first of the week.

This past Wednesday night at the District we continued our series about words that have lost their meaning over the years. Last week we looked at the word belief; this past Wednesday we looked at the word righteousness. Both of these have been very informative and have set a great stage for this coming Wednesday night where we will look at the word salvation. If your student has friends who need to hear a clear, simple gospel message - get them to the District next Wednesday night.

This coming Sunday we will continue our series on Purity. Most people tend to think this is all about sex, but we are discussing ALL areas of purity. In fact, I asked your students to take a 30-day purity challenge with me - to give up something (that shouldn't be in their lives anyway) for 30 days. For example, if they swear all the time - I asked them not to for 30 days. If they party every weekend - I asked them not to for 30 days. If they are sexually active - I asked them to refrain for 30 days.

Now, you might be thinking, "Hey, Michael! Why didn't you ask them to give it up all together?!?!?!" Well, that's the plan. But for now - I just asked them to give it 30 days and see if they recognized any change in their lives. I asked them to do this in the short-term to see if there is a potential long-term gain. I think 30 days might seem less "impossible" to them initially.

It's interesting to note that at the same time we are discussing Purity on Sunday mornings, we are discussing "heart" issues on Wednesday night. On Sundays, we are discussing behavior. On
Wednesdays, we are discussing the condition of the heart.....which gives way to our behavior!!!! Robert and I are both VERY excited for how these two series have shaped up and are complementing each other.

If you need me to pray about something for you or your family - shoot me an email, text, or call.


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