Sunday, March 11, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - March 11

Hello HS Parents!!

I'm hoping this email finds you well. I'm currently in Metairie, LA, with about 80 of our high school students and nearly 20 leaders. We've had a pretty interesting ride down here complete with a few unexpected hiccups. But we're here safe and ready to have a great week. In fact, I'm about to start waking up students to get ready for church.

This week in New Orleans we will be working with over 2,000 elementary age students, working in 4 different homes, and building a pavilion in St. Bernard Parish (our men are doing this project). I'm praying that your students will be encouraged by the opportunity to serve a group of people who have captured our hearts down here.

Please be praying for our safety and for God to move in the life of your teenager. We have found that this particular setting breaks down barriers for students and gives way to an open heart to hear Him speak to them. Again, please pray for that in their lives - and yours.

- Michael

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