Sunday, March 4, 2012

FAMILY PLUS High School - March 4

Hello HS Parents!!

Wow! There is a LOT going on right now in the life of our church! On the immediate horizon for high school students:

1 - John Mackay (creationist from Australia) will be with us this week. He will be speaking this Wednesday night in the District. About 60 of our children and students will be on a field trip with John on Thursday.

2 - This weekend we will be leaving for New Orleans with about 80 high school students and 20 leaders. We will be working in five elementary schools, three homes, and at a local park building a pavilion for the community.

3 - We are preparing for our moves that will happen at the end of this month. For the next few months, high school students will be meeting in Annex II. Middle schoolers are moving to the District, and the Premier Room will be remodeled for our Children's Ministry.

We continued our series "Evolve" this past Wednesday night. We shared with students that we recognize that as they get older, their parents' voice will become increasingly softer. We shared with them that we believe that they are to ABSOLUTELY still honor their father and mother, and that as their parental voices decrease - the need to replace those voices appropriately is critical.

I shared with students that at forty years old, my father's voice is still one of the most critical and treasured in my life. But my father's voice is not the most "present" in my life. I spend more time and interact with other voices more than I do with my father's voice. Granted, my life consists of my own immediate family now. I've left my father and mother and joined another. But, again, the need for wise parental counseling seems to be something difficult to outgrow. I just need it. And I hope that I have conveyed well to your student(s) that they, too, need a parent's voice in their lives. And when that voice is softer or less immediate, it is CRITICAL to have replaced (or supplemented) that voice with wise counsel.

Please be praying for these transitions and for our students as they are on mission to New Orleans. Please let me know if there is something I can pray about for you or your family.


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