Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Orleans - Day 1

I felt great this morning when we rolled out of G'ville at 7:15 AM. This is the largest group we have taken to New Orleans, and by far the earliest we have ever pulled away from the church. Unfortunately, we ran into a few hiccups along the way today. Between some minor mechanical issues with one of our buses (I now know what DEF is!) and the worst traffic we have ever experienced in New Orleans (including the time just after the storm) - we didn't get to the church until about 9:00 PM.

We've just finished all of our team assignments (draft style), room assignments, and have gotten lunches ready to go for tomorrow. With the time change, wake-up time is about 3 and a half hours from now.

After 12 hours of driving, multiple problems along the way, and wound-up students I'm battling to settle down (they are as keyed up and wide-eyed as I am right now) - I still feel GREAT! I've watched God's provision in even some of the smallest things we've tackled today. We'll have extra rest time tomorrow to compensate for the rough schedule today.

Don't forget you can worship with us live tomorrow...ehhhhh - today - by logging on to We will be attending the 7:30 AM service.

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  1. I read this one when you posted it but I didn't comment then! Glad you made it safely! :)