Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Orleans - Day 2

What a great day we had today in worship with our friends and family
at FABC. We've worked so much with these guys and ladies that they
feel like family. It's very special for us to be able to worship with far the major highlight of our Sunday.

Today our work crews started their first jobs while our school teams
got in one more day of training on new games. Tomorrow will be the
first full work and school day.

We also got to see Thomas Strong today...Tommy and Shirleys son. We
are so grateful for his ministry here at Metairie Baptist Church and
for the wonderful hospitality of their congregation.

Just a few minor injuries today:
Evan Cox was using a staple gun and put a staple through his glove.
Unfortunately his hand was in it at the time. He's fine...we assured
him that was not a 'first' on our NOLA trips.

Casey Webb took a tennis ball to the eyeball. That wouldn't be so bad
except it was thrown by former NAIA World Series pitcher Robert Post.
He's okay, though...just had to sit down for a few minutes.

Not too bad at all...really looking forward to watching this group develop.

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