Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Orleans - Day 4

Kelley and I have a little routine with Carver...once he gets in bed - that becomes our time to do all the little things we need to get done but can't while he is awake. This typically means she gets to craft and I get to do techy stuff. Well - that's what happens on these trips. Once all the students get in bed - that's when we can get to all the little things we need to get done....like writing these posts. And make no mistake - getting these guys to bed is just as difficult as getting Little C to lie down!

Our day didn't really end up like we had planned for it to. We had a little issue with one of our bus tires (being repaired tomorrow). Some of our students had some unexpected issues back home (you've probably seen these on our prayer chain). And we had a few more injuries today: Josh Mathis got a bee sting while chasing down a runaway basketball. Devon got a little nosebleed....most likely from ingesting a little too much drywall dust while sanding. And Bryan Agee picked a fight with a chain link fence during a game of ultimate frisbee...Fence: 1, Bryan: 0.

Mix all this up with a little teenage drama and we've had a pretty eventful day. BUT - here are some other happenings. The bus is going to be repaired by a mobile service that will come to us to do the work! AND it's a rental - no charge to us. Jordan Russ got some pretty devastating news today from back home, but it gave me a chance to see what an amazingly mature young lady she is. I got to watch Alicia Kurth drop everything to go comfort a friend in need of some extra TLC. And not even knowing that I was going to purchase a new Cafe Du Monde coffee mug on this trip - Frederick Ross gave me one and thanked me for taking him on this trip.

We got to play with some cool students at our elementary schools. We got to do some work on a playground in a part of New Orleans that we had not worked in before. I got to meet a mission team from Texas who prayed for me and our group before we parted ways. I got to pray with some students going through some rough times at home or with their friends.

Yeah - this day didn't end up at all like we had planned. It was much better....filled with more opportunities to minister and watch ministry happen through your students.

It was a good day.

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