Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Orleans - Day 5

Today was probably THE longest day of our trip yet. The fatigue your students (and my adult leaders) really sets in hard on Thursdays. Sure, Friday will bring with it that little extra boost of adrenalin, but Thursday can be TOUGH!

Relatively smooth day with no injuries (at least none worth mentioning). Roger's team got to take the Chalmette Ferry in our church van and pulling the Metairie Baptist Church trailer.

A highlight for us today, though was being able to finish up laying some VCT (tile) for MBC. Their church is always so gracious to allow us to spend 7 long days in their building. Their pastor, Dr. Thomas Strong, told me today that it is how their church has chosen to support what God has called us to do in their community. I so appreciate our friendship and partnership with our sister church, Metairie Baptist.

Tomorrow is our last day on the job. For our seniors, this will likely be good-bye for them to the students they've grown close to in the elementary schools. Wait - I suppose they can come back as adult leaders at some point!

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